Westlake Aquatic Center has joined in a partnership with the Community Foundation of Lake of the Ozarks and the Foundation of the Ozarks to provide professional expertise and management of donations. All contributions qualify as 501©3 donations.

When you donate online through CFO, make sure to enter the following Fund/Program:

Westlake Aquatic Center Fund

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Cash Gifts:WAC_Donation250

  • Simple to make
  • You receive maximum charitable income tax deduction

Tip: If your credit card gives you benefits (such as frequent flyer miles or cash back), and you don’t carry a balance on your card, making a gift via credit card can earn you extra rewards.

Stock or Mutual Fund Shares:

  • You receive maximum charitable income tax deduction
  • You avoid paying capital gains tax

Tip: Update your portfolio by giving stock then using your cash to buy a different stock, or the same stock with a stepped-up basis.

Property – Real Estate, Land, Cars, Boats, etc.

  • This type of charitable gift can offer the same benefits as stock
  • The foundation will manage or liquidate your assets for you

Tip: Is your real estate more appreciated than your stock these days?  A charitable gift of a home or land can offer the same benefits as stock.

Will or Trust Provision:

  • Your commitment today has little or no impact on current cash flow or investments
  • You retain maximum flexibility and asset control

Tip:  Gifts expressed as a percentage (e.g. “5% of the residue of my estate”) allow you to maintain the same gifts to heirs and charities, regardless of changes in estate value.

IRA 401(k), 403(b), or other Qualified Plan

  • Add Westlake Aquatic Center to your account’s beneficiary designation form
  • You retain maximum flexibility and asset control
  • You maximize your heir’s inheritance by minimizing estate and income taxes owed

Tip: Your provision can also be structured to provide for your spouse first, and then make a gift to WAC after you both have died.

Consult your tax professional for other ways to structure your gift.