Swim Lessons

The friendly staff at the Westlake Aquatic Center provide private swimming lessons all year at the Lake’s only indoor mini-Olympic size swimming pool. Beginners and advanced level welcome. The Westlake Aquatic Center is located at the back of the Hillbilly Fairgrounds in Laurie, Mo. Call 573-374-7370 to schedule a lesson.

Private Swim Lessons:

Scheduled by appointment: 573-374-7370 or email wac1532@gmail.com
Child: $24 for 30 minutes
Adult: $30 for 45 minutes

6 private lessons for $124 (must be paid in full at first class)





Group Swim Lessons

June Swimming Lessons Cancelled.

Group swim lessons are coming in July. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

Westlake Aquatic Center Group Swim Lessons is offering 6 group lessons plus a 3-month pool membership for $25 per child.

  • $25 fee must be prepaid to secure a place in a session.
  • Each child will receive a free 3-month membership to the pool.
  • A child may sign up for 1 or 2 of both sessions (again prepaid).
  • If a class is missed by student, there is no make-up date.
  • If WAC has to close for weather, etc., the class will be made up.


Swimming Lessons at the Westlake Aquatic Center follow the American Red Cross Model:

(Preschoolers Ages 4-5 must register for Preschool Lesson only. Swimmers ages 6 and older should register for one of the levels indicated.)

Level 1: Water Exploration (Shallow water lesson)

  • Fully submerge face in water
  • Front and back float with support
  • Kicking on front and back with support
  • Enter and exit the water independently

Level II: Primary Skills (Shallow water lesson)

  • Float on front and back unsupported for 5 seconds
  • Swim on front 5 yards without assistance
  • Swim on back 5 yards without assistance
  • Retrieve objects under water chest deep

Level III: Stroke Readiness (Mid-pool lesson: shallow and deep)

  •  Swim the front crawl for 10 yards
  •  Swim the back crawl for 10 yards
  •  Jump into deep water
  •  Bobs in water over the child’s head

Level IV: Stroke Development (Deep water lesson)

  • Deep water bobs
  • Standing dive from side of pool
  • Elementary backstroke for 10 yards
  • Front & back crawl 25 yards (entire length of pool)
  • Breastroke & Sidestroke kick with kickboard

Level V: Stroke Refinement (Deep water lesson)

  • Front & back crawl for 50 yards
  • Breastroke & sidestroke for 10 yards
  • Elementary backstroke for 25 yards

Level VI: Skill Proficiency (Deep water lesson)

  • Front & back crawl 100 yards
  • Breastroke & sidestroke 25 yards
  • Swim the butterfly 10 yards
  • Flip turn

Level VI: Advanced Skills (Deep water lesson)

  • Swim continuously 500 yards using any strokes
  • Backstroke flip turn
  • Tread water for 5 minutes

Participants must demonstrate all skills before moving on to the next level.